Garment Care

Please follow the cleaning instructions on the care and content labels on our garments. We offer some additional tips below.

As with any article of fine clothing, care should be taken when wearing, cleaning and storing your Recreo. We encourage spot cleaning small stains wherever possible. For grease stains, use a small amount of dry cornstarch or baking soda to draw out the stain. Leave dry cornstarch on stain for several hours or overnight. Remove gently with soft cloth or toothbrush. For other stains, coarse salt and cold water work best.

If overall cleaning of your garment is needed, consult a trusted dry cleaner, preferably one that uses organic formulae; ask that they cover the silver button as well as any beaded trim, with aluminum foil for protection.

We encourage storing your garment in a drawer or on a shelf, as hanging may distort its shape.

Please write to us at with further questions about garment care.